Law Enforcement on the Blockchain – Consensus 2015

Unprecedented Transparency? Law Enforcement on the Blockchain

Bitcoin is an anonymous digital currency that lets individuals trade illicit goods on the dark web, right? Not quite, if our panelists have anything to say about the matter.

Kathryn Haun and Tigran Gambaryan worked on the case against the corrupt Secret Service and DEA agents who stole from the Silk Road while they were investigating the infamous dark market. The panel is moderated by Jerry Brito, a leading voice in the ongoing effort to craft legislation that fits the technology.

Moderator: Jerry Brito, Coin Center
Panellists: Kathryn Haun, US Department of Justice
Tigran Gambaryan, IRS Criminal Investigation
Catherine Pelker, FBI
Jason Weinstein, Steptoe and Johnson

Event Information: http://www.coindesk.com/events/consensus-2015



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