Lauren Epshteyn: “A Northern Gentleman” | Talks at Google

Talks at Google welcomed Lauren Epshteyn (writing as Lane Everett) to our stage in New York for a panel discussion regarding her latest novel “A Northern Gentleman”. The panelists for this event are Ariel Garber and Lindsay Siano.

“A Northern Gentleman” is the story of handsome and quick-witted Drucker May who is miserable in the privileged life that he leads working at a bank in Atlanta. So he runs away. He wants to find what it is that he’s really supposed to do with his life and he wants to have a good time doing it. Because the year is 1890, the people who he meets after he leaves Atlanta have no easy way to find out who he really is, allowing Drucker to reinvent himself in each stop that he makes along the way to California.

Author Lauren Tanick Epshteyn, using the pen name Lane Everett, has nurtured a life-long love of the written word. Her writing has been formed through writing education attained through Brown University (Providence, RI) creative writing courses, plenty of writing on the topic of American Government during her undergraduate education at Georgetown University (Washington, DC) and plenty more writing on the topic of American Business History, her chosen field of concentration for her MBA at NYU (New York, NY).

Moderated by Seema Vashi



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