Laszlo Syrop & Ashley Wells: “Wharton 22s” | Talks at Google

As part of the first ever Corp Eng Women’s Summit at Google, Eric Young, VP Supply Chain, Fulfillment, and Customer Support Systems, and Kan Kotecha, VP Corp Eng, chatted with The Wharton 22s to discuss male allies. The 22s were established in 2014 by Wharton Women in Business in an organic response to women and men wanting all students involved in the conversation on gender equality. Their mission is to decrease gender disparities and change thought processes by encouraging awareness, dialogue, and action on the part of men at Wharton and beyond. The name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the current gender pay gap. For many of us, it’s also part of recognizing that the burden of seeking greater social justice does not fall solely on the shoulders of those who are disadvantaged by the status quo. www.wharton22s.com

Moderated by Kan Kotecha & Eric Young (Google VPs).



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