Labour Party Set “Racial Surcharge” To White Members

Truly amazed by this today. It is reported, the British Labour Party have decided, in a bid to try and improve representation amongst groups they regard as underrepresented (I haven’t seen the stats so no comment on that) to charge members different amounts for a conference pass based on their race.
This sounds like the kind of shit I’d expect to hear happen in the USA and it would appear that we have learnt absolutely NOTHING about how these kinds of acts pan out.
Let me spell it out: they make things worse. They drive wedges rather than build bridges.

Here is a link to the BBC article on this (the BBC is just left of centre politically so I give you this as a reasonably neutral source yet one that you would expect not too antagonistic politically to spin this into something it isn’t)
I will leave you to google for more sensational news pieces on this yourselves

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