Kwame Damon Mason, Willie O’Ree, Anson Carter, and Jessica Berman: “Soul on Ice” | Talks at Google

Everything has soul, and hockey is no different. Filmmaker Damon Kwame Mason will join us to discuss his latest documentary, Soul on Ice with special guests Willie O’Ree, Anson Carter, and Jessica Berman.

About the movie:

Soul On Ice: Past, Present, and Future presents and retells the virtually unknown contributions of black athletes in ice hockey. For decades, hockey was seen as a homogeneous sport Рexciting to watch but played by one kind of player. Soul On Ice presents the exploits of athletes who dared to stand out, and dared to make the sport their own. These Black athletes dared to give their sport soul. Some of today’s top NHL stars and former players join us on our journey through history, through in-depth personal interviews. Wayne Simmonds, Joel Ward, Trevor Daley, Mike Marson, Tony McKegney and five-time NHL Stanley Cup winner Grant Fuhr are just a few of the players and contributors who share their experience that helps bring the story to life. For the first time, Soul On Ice: Past, Present and Future sheds light on a subject hardly spoken of. The face of hockey is changing and this film shows us it has been in the making for a long time.


Documentary links:
Google Play: http://www.bit.ly/2gBZ9Sg

Moderated by Nelson Boyce.



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