Kristi Winters Wants a Formal Debate!

Kristi wants a formal debate. It won’t be with me but I second The Distributist.

However, my reason for making this video are the misgivings i have with formal debates on subjects such as social issues with are not dichotomous (did well to come up with that word after a few drinks!). If you want to get to the heart of the issue rather than just look for some kind of silly “win” then I propose a formal debate, with it’s reliance on point scoring, playing to the gallery and of explicitly penalising anyone who tries to find areas of common ground, is not a good way to move things forward.
Kristi says she does not want some kind of unfocussed hangout (perhaps she is minded of her own “peer review” hangout) but there is a lot of ground inbetween between a formal debate and the kinds of bullshit hangouts that pass as content nowadays. There is also what used to amount to a good old-fashined intellectual conversation: an informal debate!!!
Anyway, let us see what results….. well at least you can see what results, i am blocked and banned from doing so 😉

Kristi Winters’ video “My Robust Feminist Argument – Debate Invitation ”

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