Kristi Winters, So So Pathetic.

kristi Winters had a hangout today and is STILL pretending not to know that I discussing whether the USA and UK are best described as rape cultures; STILL pretending I was denying that anything that could be regarded as rape culture exists; STILL pretending not to have heard the hundreds of people who have told her she is misrepresenting me on this; STILL pretending i haven’t made numerous videos repeating and clarifying my original claim all of which she goes out of her way to tell everyone she has not watched.
She never acknowledges it; she never acknowledges anyone pointing it out to her, she just sticks her fingers in her ears and acts like a five year old. She doesn’t even argue against it, she just pretends no-one is saying it.
Some immature shit happens on YouTube but at this point this is just becoming pathetic.
Kristi, you are an academic: grow the fuck up.

Oh the hangout….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-v79VMX1GU

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