Kevin Roelofs & Meg Muckenhoupt – Talks at Google

Kevin Roelofs and Meg Muckenhoupt discuss stool banking and the incredible diversity and influence of gut bacteria.

The average American gut contains up to 5 pounds of bacteria and other organisms called the gut microbiome. By using stool transplants from healthy donors, we can harness the power of the microbiome to cure a common, deadly, antibiotic-resistant gut infection called C. difficile — and there’s intriguing evidence that stool transplants could treat everything from inflammatory bowel disease to multiple sclerosis, depression, diabetes, obesity, and even hair loss.

Kevin comes to us from Finch Therapeutics where he is researching new treatments that harness the gut microbiome. Meg is with OpenBiome, a stool bank that provides fecal microbiota transplants for over 900 institutions across the US and Europe.



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