Kathy Tu & Tobin Low: “Telling Queer Stories – Cohosts of the Nancy Podcast” | Talks at Google

Tobin Low and Kathy Tu, the hosts of Nancy (WNYC Studios’ LGBTQ-themed podcast), discuss how LGBTQ+ stories are told in contemporary pop culture—ranging from The L Word to representations of queerness (or not) in Harry Potter—and their approaches to bringing these stories to life. Praised by Mashable as “a show built on radical empathy” and as “heartfelt and hilarious” by OUT Magazine, Nancy’s second season is currently underway. Tobin’s work has been featured in a diverse range of media, including More Perfect (a *Radiolab* spinoff about the Supreme Court), Marketplace, Studio 360, and the Codebreaker podcast. Kathy has worked on The Memory Palace, The Mortified Podcast, and Masterpiece Studio, among others.

Listen here: http://www.wnyc.org/shows/nancy

Moderated by Mistral Myers.



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