Justin Dillon: “A Selfish Plan to Change the World” | Talks at Google

Justin Dillon speaks about his book, “A Selfish Plan to Change the World.”

Drawing upon his own unlikely transformation from touring musician to founder of a global movement and telling the stories of other surprising world-changers, Dillon shows how to create a life of deep purpose by stepping into the problems of the world. Taking readers on a journey from sweatshops in India to punk rock concerts in Ireland, Dillon exposes the limitations of the “giving back” approach involving donations and volunteerism to reveal the unexpected power of “giving in” to pursue self-interest in a way that alters the very dynamics of the world’s most
challenging problems.

A professional musician turned filmmaker and social entrepreneur, Justin Dillon is Founder and CEO of Made in a Free World, an award-winning platform that brings together consumers, organizations and businesses to disrupt the $150B business of human trafficking. More information about the book can be found at

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