Judah & The Lion: “Folk Hop N’ Roll” | Talks at Google

Years before forming one of Nashville’s most genre-bending bands, the members of Judah & the Lion grew up in separate corners of the U.S., listening to every type of music that came their way. They loved it all: the twang of folk, the beat of hip-hop, the drive of rock & roll, the punch of pop. Later, after college brought all four musicians to Tennessee, it only made sense to combine those different backgrounds – and different sounds – together, to claim to the self-created genre “Folk Hop”.

In this video, Judah, Nate, Brian and Spencer discuss their latest album, “Folk Hop N’ Roll”, the grind of touring the world and the benefits of upgrading from a tour van to a tour bus.

To get the album, click here: https://goo.gl/sKGNHw

Moderated by Jason Andreas.



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