Johnny O’Neal: “In The Moment” | Talks at Google

The amazing Jazz pianist and vocalist Johnny O’Neal discusses his new album called “In the Moment” (Smoke Sessions Records) and performs with his trio.

“I never know what I’m going to play until I get out there. I like being in the moment. I like taking chances, and audiences like that. They like not knowing. You know, when I get up on the bandstand to perform, I go up with the mindset of, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, come on a journey with me. Because we don’t know where we’re going ourselves.’” See and hear Johnny’s unforgettable visit and performance at Google’s NYC office. Piano provided by Steinway & Sons.

Get the album here:

Johnny O’Neal (piano and vocals), Ben Rubens (bass), Itay Morchi (drums). Post-Production Audio Engineering by David Rosenberg. Event moderated by Andrew Ralles.



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