Jim Gilmore Interview With Cenk Uygur Of The Young Turks

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks interviews former Virginia governor and two-time Republican presidential candidate Jim Gilmore. <a href="http://www.gilmoreforamerica.com/" target="_blank" rel=”nofollow”>http://www.gilmoreforamerica.com/

In this TYT interview Jim Gilmore and Cenk Uygur cover a range of topics, including:
– Why the mainstream media and Republican establishment basically ignored him in the 2016 primary election.
– What does the Trump phenomenon say about the future of the Republican party? Is there still a place for Jim Gilmore?
– How does he think the GOP establishment will respond if Trump is the nominee? What about the big donors?
– Scapegoating people based on ethnicity, religion, gender, etc. Isn’t that the legacy of the GOP (the Southern Strategy, etc.)? Isn’t Donald Trump just saying what everyone else was already thinking?
– The impact of money in politics, in particular Presidential elections.
– Who is he supporting now and why?
– Does he think it would be dangerous for the United States if Donald Trump is elected president? Why or why not? What does he think will happen?
– How we should fight back against ISIS.
– Why he thinks the left is the root of America’s problems.
– How to fix the economy. Corporate tax repatriation.
– Corporate financing of elections.

Check out Jim Gilmore’s website: http://www.gilmoreforamerica.com/

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