Jerry Sandusky: The Wrong Kind Of Monster

People want to be a brutal from afar, revel in cruelty, sneer at empathy and view compassion as weakness. If we would own up to this value system, one could at least admire our honesty. However, instead of displaying our true values, we like to pretend we’re good, just, fair and decent.

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The Sandusky Cartoon:

Real Comments on Sandusky:

“I wonder if the gay rights lobby and their associates from NAMBLA will own up to the fact that Sandusky IS one of them.”

“Put these scumbags in a nice jacuzzi size deep fryer and let them have eachother…. while slowly heating up that oil…. they need to suffer.. they should suffer for DOING THIS TO INNOCENCE!”

“At least we know Sandusky is gay so he won’t mind getting sodomized or sodomizing his fellow inmates. Sure, they will be older than he likes but they still have the right ‘equipment’, albeit maybe older and with more hair, but he will get use to it.”

“As is often the case with child molesters in prison, Jerry Sandusky will be beaten and raped on an almost daily basis. I doubt he’ll last six months of such brutal treatment, but one can only hope.”

SOURCE FOR ALL OF THE ABOVE: http://tinyurl.com/7umqucv

Thunderf00t’s video on Feminist Absurdisty at Atheist Conventions:

PZ Myers’ Reply:

States Can’t Subvert Citizens United:



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