Jeremy McCarter: “Hamilton, Hope, and Change” | Talks At Google

Talks at Google hosted Jeremy McCarter, co-author of HAMILTON: THE REVOLUTION and the forthcoming book YOUNG RADICALS, for a talk on December 15th, 2016.

Jeremy McCarter is the co-author of HAMILTON: THE REVOLUTION with Lin-Manuel Miranda. Their account of the creation and impact of the celebrated Broadway musical opened as a #1 New York Times bestseller. His new book YOUNG RADICALS, about American idealists fighting for their ideals on the brink of World War 1, will be published by Random House in 2017.

McCarter’s essays and backstage profiles in HAMILTON: THE REVOLUTION are based in part on his early involvement in the show, when he spent five years on the artistic staff of the Public Theater in New York. They reveal how Miranda and his collaborators created a show about a revolution that is a revolution in its own right.

YOUNG RADICALS tells the story of five Americans who push for equality, women’s rights, and free expression in a moment of great promise for American life, only to see those ideals—and their own well-being—put at risk when they discover the country isn’t at all what they thought it to be.

The talk was hosted by Kellie Fitzgerald.



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