Jeffery Gettleman: “Love, Africa: A Memoir of Romance, War and Survival” | Talks at Google

Jeffrey Gettleman is the East Africa bureau chief for The New York Times. He won the Pulitzer Prize for international reporting for his work from Africa. He has covered warlords and pirates, rebels and elephant poachers. He’s traveled across the continent several times, using just about every mode of conveyance from donkey cart and dugout canoe to a battered tandem bike. A surprisingly candid story for a well-known journalist to write, LOVE, AFRICA tracks across Iraq, Afghanistan, the murderous swamps of Florida, through the savannahs, deserts and rainforests of Africa and into emotionally treacherous terrain that leads to the deepest recesses of the human heart. Gettleman captures life’s extreme highs and lows, being terrified, facing off with the wrong people at the wrong time, and making devastating choices that hurt people he loved. Spanning 25 years and much of the world, this memoir ends in an instant of magical beauty, a moment that Gettleman concludes wouldn’t have been possible without “a thousand accidents, some pretty dumb mistakes, and not a few deaths.’’

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