Jane Bussmann: Joining the Hunt for Joseph Kony

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Former celebrity journalist Jane Bussmann recounts her decision to leave Hollywood and start reporting on war crimes in Uganda. She says a neurosurgeon from Doctors Without Borders inspired her to stop being a “useless person” and to look for more meaningful work.


Jane Bussmann has covered the LA highlife as a journalist and written for TV shows including “Smack The Pony,” “South Park” and “Brass Eye.” Her book The Worst Date Ever tells the story of how she moved to Hollywood to write movies, but found herself reporting from Uganda on the “war crime of the century” — with the aim of making an attractive foreign correspondent fancy her. – Frontline Club

Jane Bussmann is an award-winning British comedy writer and author who has written for South Park, the Emmy-winning Smack The Pony, The Fast Show and legendary satire show Brass Eye (Bussmann was ‘Named and Shamed’ in the News of the World newspaper as one of the writers behind the most complained-about program in British television history). She has worked on over fifty shows and developed pilots for NBC, HBO, the BBC, ITV, Granada and Channel4 among others.

Her comedy show Bussmann’s Holiday was a four-star hit at the Edinburgh Festival with a subsequent sold-out London run at the Soho Theatre, going on to play in New York, Sydney and the Comedy Store (Los Angeles). The show tells the unlikely story of how Bussmann grew so fed up with interviewing celebrities in Hollywood that she decided to try her hand at a nobler journalistic foray.

Bussmann’s Holiday became the book The Worst Date Ever. Jane is currently adapting it as a screenplay for Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim producers Big Talk with Slumdog Millionaire producers Film4.



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