Jan Jarboe Russell: “Train to Crystal City” | Talks at Google

Jan Jarboe Russell on the secret history of a WWII internment camp in Crystal City, Texas.

THE TRAIN TO CRYSTAL CITY is a NYT bestseller and was named a Times’ Top Book of 2015. Discover the secret history of an internment camp in Crystal City, Texas, where men of German, Japanese, and Italian descent and their families were ripped from their homes across the US and Latin America without due process in the only family internment camp to house multiple nationalities. Russell exposes the war-time hysteria towards Japanese and Germans and the secrets behind FDR’s internment program. Russell is a Neiman Fellow, has written for NYT and Slate, authored Lady Bird: A Biography of Mrs. Johnson, and edited They Lived to Tell the Tale.

This Talk at Google talk was hosted by Boris Debic.




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