Is Timber Africa’s New Blood Diamond?

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Central African Republic’s blood diamonds used to fund rebels’ causes, yet timber has replaced it. So is blood timber the new blood diamond?

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Blood Timber
“Urgent action required to cut trade and aid ties to logging companies that have paid millions to militia guilty of mass murder and war crimes.”

The Environmental Crime Crisis
“Given the alarming pace, level of sophistication, and globalized nature that illegal trade in wildlife has now notoriously achieved, UNEP initiated a Rapid Response Assessment to provide some of the latest data, analysis, and broadest insights into the phenomenon.”

Central African Republic: Muslims Held Captive, Raped
“At least 42 Muslim Peuhl herders, mostly women and girls, are being held captive by anti-balaka fighters in the Central African Republic and are at risk of sexual violence, Human Rights Watch said today.”

Letter dated 26 June 2014 from the Panel of Experts on the Central African Republic established pursuant to Security Council resolution 2127 (2013) addressed to the President of the Security Council
“Following the ousting of President François Bozizé on 24 March 2013 and the forced resignation of the following President, Michel Djotodia, on 10 January 2014, the Government of the Central African Republic still has to overcome significant obstacles to achieving the second phase of the political transition, which should lead to free and fair democratic elections in 2015.”

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