Is Thunderf00t a Nazi?

For the nauseatingly stupid cunts who leave comments but are too shit thick to understand the video – I am DEFENDING Thunderf00t against the allegations here.

If you disagree with this video then don’t whine about, give me your counter analysis. Put it out there. Make your video.

Background: So, I had very mixed feelings about making this video. In the main this is because I suspect that a great many people (drama lovers as we all are) will devote more time trying to second guess the motivations behind making the video more than the actual issues the video covers.

In the end, after suffering a few weeks of ambivalence I made my decision.

I chose not to make the video.

That was back in february/ march when the original round of ‘letter campaign’ videos, arguments and counter-arguments were made. I felt somewhat uneasy at the time loudly decrying, out of hand, accusations of Nazism, Nazi sympathising and holocaust denialism and yet not actually picking apart the purported ‘evidence’ on which the claims were being made.
That seemed odd to me. It seemed odd to me that every (wo)man and their dog had an position yet bizarrely there didn’t seem to be any actual analysis of it. You would have expected dozens of videos endorsing one reading or another (I would have thought) yet I couldn’t find any.

So we are back where we were in february/march. Now we are back full tilt with Nazi/sympathiser/denialist/fascist accusations simply asserted or scoffed at with many people seemingly not even aware what the original foundations of the claims actually are.
Regardless of anyone else, I am not sure I am prepared to deride those accusations another time without actually backing up what I say. I am not sure, in good conscience, I can keep hearing such an accusation be made and re-made without doing what I can to draw a line under it. So I re-made my decision.

Here is the video. I hope you find it of some interest. If you want to link it to anyone bringing up the claim in the future then please feel free to do so 😉

If you would like to hear the original interview from which this is extracted then here is your link:


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