Is the Holocaust Justified in the Bible?

Bit of a controversial one this so please listen to the points I make at the beginning of this video (specifically that i myself find the acts perpetrated on the Jewish people as entirely abhorrent) …..more below / /

The question is how the author(s) of the books known as the Deuteronomic history would have viewed the events and so I ask this:
Given that these books are scripture and given the authors insistence that other abhorrent acts committed against the Israelites were God’s morally justified acts, would that author have reached the same conclusion about the more recent events during World War II?

In other words: is it consistent and justified to hold one view about the morality of the treatment of the Israelites at the hands of the Assyrians and Babylonians and not even consider the same arguments with respect to recent atrocities against their descendents?

Hope you enjoy the video: in a couple of days “Is Omniscience Possible?”



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