Is the Gulf Oil Spill Obama’s Katrina? – Kevin McCarthy

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Kevin McCarthy, Chief Deputy Minority Whip in the U.S. House of Representatives, discusses the possible political fallout from the BP gulf oil spill for President Obama. “If you’re ignoring the problem,” says McCarthy, “if that’s the impression… I think he’s got a serious long-term problem here.”

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Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Chief Deputy Minority Whip and a key player in recruiting House GOP candidates, sits down for a conversation with attendees of The Monitor Breakfast. – The Monitor Breakfast

Among other topics, Rep. McCarthy discusses the Republican leadership’s plan to craft their policy agenda for 2010 including a component dubbed “America Speaking Out” where party leaders gather ideas from citizens. – Christian Science Monitor

Kevin McCarthy is a U.S. politician who is the Congressman for the 22nd District of California. Prior to his election as a Congressman, he had served two terms in the California State Assembly, including two years as the Republican Floor Leader.



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