Is Richard Dawkins Damaging Atheism?

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So, Richard Dawkins has been accused of bringing atheism and/or “the atheist movement” in to disrepute.
That this is largely by writers of articles viewing his comments in the least charitable way is not surprising nor hypocritical. What may surprise you to learn is that these writers are largely atheists themselves!

One such example is Adam Lee (who triggered the exchange between Michael Nugent and Ophelia benson mention in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80Y_QqMhTjI ) who wrote the following polemic on Richard Dawkins for The Guardian:

Adam Lee is seriously concerned that “the atheist movement” may suffer as a result of comments Dawkins has made……………………. though admittedly not so worried as to stop him from casting everything Dawkins has said in the worst possible light (and in places to downright misportray him) so as to maximise impact. Michael Nugent calls Lee on his inaccuracies on his blog, but it is the hypocrisy which I wish to call out here.

-My suspicion is that he is not half as bothered about the reputation of the atheist movement as he claims to be, or at least quite prepared to contribute to the damage he sees occuring if his personal journalistic reputation gains in so doing.

But what really limits the “throw” of movement atheism? I suggest in this video it may be something else entirely.

None of this means I agree with all of Dawkins tweets. He has covered many subjects that he would have been far better writing out on his RDF site, giving more nuance and thoroughness, then linking to via a tweet, rather than rely on 140 character soundbites heavily open to the prejudices of the reader.

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