Introducing……. The Prophet Muhammad Idolatry Buster!

Extremism be gone with the all new ‘Prophet Muhammad Idolatry Buster’

Here is a link for those wishing to download the ‘Idolatry Buster’ without the preamble:

Feel free to download both for your personal use and also feel free to mirror or distribute amongst friends and family!

Instructions for use:

Every two weeks or whenever you feel in danger of Idolising the Prophet Muhammad

1) Play the video
2) Watch the video
3) Stop Idolising the Prophet Muhammad

Note: Why clowns?
The purpose of this video is not to insult or offend (after all, I could easily have used military images (Muhammad was a military leader) or images of old men with young girls (his (very) young wife) if I wanted to do that) but to provide a montage of images portraying the Prophet Muhammad in a way which ensures he is kept at the level of humans not of gods. Clowns are inoffensive, well liked but never taken too seriously……. imo the perfect choice!!



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