If Enough People Stomp At Once, Can It Cause An Earthquake?

Sporting events gather a lot of people into one place, and they can get pretty rowdy. Does all this commotion have an effect on the planet?

Why Do Refs Make Bad Calls? – https://youtu.be/E7dOWwm3IUQ
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One year ago, Seattle Seahawks 12th Man Earthquake
“The source time function was a professional football player: Marshawn Lynch, whose spectacular 15-second touchdown run assured the local Seahawk team an unlikely and coveted victory on January 8, 2011, and a victory in the playoffs. Through the response of the roar and stomping of the tens of thousands of feet, the ground shook enough that the vibrations were recorded by the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN) strong-motion station KDK, a block or so away.”

Tide fans turn up heat, humidity on game days
“A study of the stadium’s “microclimate” by a University of Alabama geography professor and student has found that in addition to being warmer inside than out, the humidity rises when people fill the seats. Professor David Brommer, who’s a climatologist, and New Orleans junior Barrett Gutter placed 24 sensors around the stadium to measure dew point and temperature at home games last season.”

Kansas City Chiefs fans reclaim record for loudest crowd roar at sports stadium
“Continuing a back-and-forth battle that’s spanned more than a year, the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs have reclaimed the official title for loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium, doing so in front of a national TV audience on Monday Night Football this week. En route to a 41-14 thumping of the favored New England Patriots, Chiefs fans made enough noise to register a 142.2 dbA reading at Arrowhead Stadium, bringing the unofficial crown of sports’ loudest fans back to KC.”


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