Ian Livingstone: “Life is a Game” | Talks at Google

Ian Livingstone co-founded Games Workshop in 1975, launching Dungeons & Dragons in Europe. In 1982, he co-authored The Warlock of Firetop Mountain with Steve Jackson, the first of many titles in the Fighting Fantasy gamebook series which has sold 20 million copies worldwide. When serving as Executive Chairman at Eidos, he launched global video games blockbusters including Tomb Raider and Hitman. He was awarded a BAFTA Special Award in 2002 and a CBE in 2013.

Ian gives an entertaining and visual account of his struggles as an entrepreneur in the 1970s when he and Steve Jackson set up Games Workshop, launched Dungeons & Dragons in Europe, and wrote Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. His new book, The Port of Peril, marks the 35th Anniversary of the iconic series. From analogue to digital, he gives a brief history of computer games, past, present and future, detailing how ‘digital’ has transformed customer habits and business models, expanding video games from a niche market to a global mainstream entertainment industry.



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