Humanize or Die! Maddie Grant on Successful Organizations in a Social World

Big Think’s Jason Gots talks with Maddie Grant, co-founder of social media consulting firm Socialfish and co-author of the book Humanize, about how social media is reshaping business and organizational culture for the better.

Knowing the tools of social media is a must for successful marketing these days, but the real promise of social media is the way it can teach us a whole new way of doing business.

Humanize takes the principles underlying social media’s growth and applies them to the way we lead and manage our organizations, helping individuals:

— Change organizations from the inside out.
— Build a more trustworthy, open, generative, and courageous organization by embracing social and human principles.
— Move beyond the social media buzzwords like transparent, decentralized, and open—and actually make them happen.
— Promote forms of “generative” success that go beyond profit and loss.



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