Hugo Jellett: “A Midlife Crisis In Disguise” | Talks at Google

Hugo is the CEO of The Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation, an Irish charity which gives money to families whose children are desperately ill, but who cannot afford to bring them home to give them a life. He also co-directs a Writer’s Festival in the middle of nowhere – the Blackstairs Mountains in Carlow – every June, with speakers such as Richard Ford, Kate Tempest, Jeffrey Eugenides, Michael Chabon, Martin Amis, David Gilmour, Florence and the Machine, and David Simon. And he also has a weakness for live music, programming some of the more intimate and intriguing stages in Electric Picnic and Longitude – around 150 live performances in any given year. In his spare time he is father to two avid Googlenniums who are showing all the signs of embarrassment that a only parent can provide. Hugo is under no illusion that this is anything except the hurricane of a midlife crisis, a philosophic question mark – sent from the future date of his demise back to 2017 wrapped in a bow – which every woman and man encounters.

“The Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation was my epiphany moment, and I’d like to tell you why (and I would like to know too).”



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