Howard Schubiner: “The Reign of Pain Lies Mainly in the Brain: […]” | Talks at Google

Howard Schubiner, MD, is a clinician, author and researcher who has conducted ground-breaking research on a treatment plan that can resolve, rather than manage, chronic pain.

Pain isn’t what you think. Neuroscientists are now explaining pain in a way that is counterintuitive to both lay people and physicians. A significant proportion of individuals with chronic pain do not have structural abnormalities, but have pain due to learned neural pathways in the brain. Dr. Schubiner, author of Unlearn Your Pain and co-author of upcoming book, Hidden from View, reviews the current state of brain research and a new form of psychological treatment for fibromyalgia that is superior to the standard treatments.

More info here: http://unlearnyourpain.com/



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