Howard Dean Slams Fox News & Much More

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Cenk Uygur: Joining us on The Young Turks, Governor Howard Dean. Only the real fighters get that kind of intro.

Howard Dean: There we go.

Uygur: Governor, always good to have you on.

Dean: Thanks for having me on.

Uygur: We appreciate it. Now, you’ve made a lot of headlines recently. You just called Fox News racist, which is awesome.

Dean: Well, I said what they did was racist.

Uygur: Yes. So tell us…

Dean: Some of them are racist, and some of them aren’t.

Uygur: Right. So tell us why you think what they did in the Shirley Sherrod case is racist.

Dean: Because what they’re doing is race-baiting. Basically, they, they have had a narrative going on for quite some time, I think the most famous kickoff was Glenn Beck saying that Barack Obama hated white people, what they’re doing is appealing to people’s basest instincts, racial hatred. Racial hatred is something that’s, that’s something, it’s endemic in the country, but we’ve really gone way past it now. We’ve made huge progress, but there are still a fringe of people who are, who have great fears about race. And what they’re doing is feeding those fears. They say things that aren’t true, they put together stories as Fox did with the Shirley Sherrod thing that isn’t true, they have done the same thing in this nonsense about the Black Panther Party and Obama coddling black people and all this crap. It’s just not true, and it’s racist. If you’re appealing to people’s racial fears, then you’re a racist.

Uygur: Do you think that the whole theme that Beck, and then Limbaugh, which is, of course, who is not part of Fox News, but part of the conservative…

Dean: Yeah, and he is a racist, there’s no question about that. I mean, when George Steinbrenner died, he said something like, well, his major contribution is to have made, created a lot, a whole lot of African American millionaires. It’s just, you know, this kind of stuff is just awful.

Uygur: Do you think the theme that they’re building that they keep going back to, that this is a redistribution of wealth, that that’s what Obama wants to do, that it’s payback for slavery or, or, you know, all the rest of it, et cetera, they talk about reparations, is the code words there, Obama’s here to take white people’s money and give it to black people?

Dean: Sure it is. I mean, that’s what they do. And it’s, no, it’s stupid, it’s bad for the country, it’s what I call the Slobodan Milosevic approach to American politics. You divide people as much as possible. In the short term, it sometimes works to, you know, people do get elected on this stuff, but it always ends up destroying the country.

RJ Eskow: But isn’t there an element of it, of this, Governor Dean, that has to do with the fact that people are resentful, that they feel screwed, and they don’t know why but they know that times are tough, and isn’t it, you know, Milosevic is an interesting comparison, but don’t you think there’s also a connection to Father Coughlin, and…

Dean: Sure.

Eskow: And the 30s, and I want to tie it at some point to your piece today in the Huffington Post that nobody seems to be fighting for regular people, they’re afraid and this is a way of giving a name to their fear, that it’s minorities taking what you deserve away from you?

Dean: Right, but this is not anything different than George Wallace did when he was running for President. Nobody would pretend that George Wallace wasn’t a racist when he was doing that, or Lester Maddox. I mean, this is, this is just base politics, which is really terrible for the country. You know, look, I can put up with Fox being conservative about economics and all that stuff, you know, we can have our differences of opinion. This is just fundamentally bad for the country. It’s a group of people who’ve put their own needs in front of the needs of the country.

Full Transcript: http://www.theyoungturks.com/story/2010/7/27/4519/22481

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