How tough is the new £5 note?

The new UK’s new £5 bank note – made of polymer rather than paper – gets the “chemistry treatment”.
Lots of raw footage: https://youtu.be/KUjh_z1A_RQ
Featuring Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff and Neil Barnes.

Gun cotton: https://youtu.be/38w2-NCdtio
Gold vault: https://youtu.be/CTtf5s2HFkA

Film by Brady Haran
Music by Henrik Johansson

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(*) According to the Bank of England, under the Currency & Banknotes Act 1928 it is illegal to deface our banknotes (by printing, writing or impressing upon them words, letters or figures, etc.), although the question of whether or not to prosecute in individual cases is up to the police and the courts.

More on the new five pound note here: http://www.thenewfiver.co.uk



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