How To Make The Skyblaster Slingshot

Here’s how to make a powerful water balloon slingshot, that launches water bombs from over 150 feet away.

I spent some quality time putting together a detailed 29 page Project PDF (http://bit.ly/SkyblasterSlingshotProjectPDF) with step-by-step instructions, Fun Facts, Helpful Hints, and loaded with pictures. I’m selling them to help compensate for my time. You can get the Project PDF here if you’re interested: :) http://bit.ly/SkyblasterSlingshotProjectPDF

Here’s the private discount for subscribers who read the description! :) http://bit.ly/SkyblasterSlingshotPDF

Congratulations to the 3 randomly chosen winners: Calvin Calulot (Colorado Springs, CO), James Bailey (Los Angeles, CA), and Glenn Kanalas (Westland, MI). I’ll be shipping your SkyBlaster slingshots early next week! :)

The PDF is normally $12. Special discount for subscribers, $2.95. Get it here: http://bit.ly/SkyblasterSlingshotPDF

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Project Inspired By:

This was an original idea based on a toy I played with a couple of times called the “Kaos Aqua Bow” water balloon launcher. I haven’t been able to find one since, so I made one instead.


This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Use caution aiming water balloons at people, animals, or sensitive property as the impact can leave welts. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

Project History & More Info:

I had a friend who showed up at my house one day with a little hand-held slingshot for shooting water balloons. He said he got it from a local super center for about $15, but when I went to get one for myself, the store didn’t carry them anymore, and had no plans to get them again.

I looked for them online, and had the hardest time tracking them down, but eventually found out they were called the Kaos Aqua Bow, and to my surprise, they were listed for $34.99 + $15 shipping and handling. That meant $50 for the cheap little aqua bow, and on top of all that, they were sold out!

This was a little frustrating, but also presented me with the challenge to see if I could make one myself for a lot cheaper.

Using PVC from the hardware store, I quickly crafted a prototype frame for the launcher, and used one of my wife’s workout bands for the rubber.

The hardest part was trying to figure out what to use for the launching glove, because I wanted to use something everyone had access too. I also wanted something fairly easy to make, and durable.

I thought the best choice might be some kind of synthetic fabric, but that would mean sewing it together, as well as having to sew a handle to to the back, which seemed impractical for most people.

After searching the internet for ideas, I came across an Instructables article from tinnustechnology (http://bit.ly/IBWaterBalloonLauncher) where he used Duct Tape to form the pouch.

After testing that idea on my prototypes, I was amazed at how well it actually worked.

I made a few modifications and used my own custom measurements to form a pouch that launches up to 3 water balloons at the same time.

The launcher is very powerful, and ended up costing around $10 in materials. It’s way more sturdy and durable than the cheap Aqua Bow my friend had bought, and the best part is it’s 80% cheaper than the prices I found it for online at the time.

And since you make it yourself you don’t have to worry about whether it’s sold out or not.

By the way, water balloons seem fairly harmless, but if you try shooting them at people, be very careful and make sure they are ok with it first. I used my brother as a test subject, and the power of the impact put welts all over his body.



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