How to BLOW UP YOUTUBE !!! — Up All Knight # 5

** LINKS **


BSoD Screen Saver: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897558

Kernel Panic Screensaver: http://doomlaser.com/kernel-panic-screensaver/

This is the artist/genius who made the snowstorm and cursor thing — check out his blog to see all his projects! http://mark-beasley.com/blog/

Snowstorm of Tweets: http://duskjacket.com/SNOWSTORM/?=vsauce

Everyone’s cursor’s together: http://duskjacket.com/MMORPP/

Automatic Art Maker: http://nag.iap.de/?ac=create&lang=en

Reverse Image Search: http://www.tineye.com

3D interactive video: http://www.yellowbirdsdonthavewingsbuttheyflytomakeyouexperiencea3dreality.com/showreel

CODE #1 (asteroids):

copy/paste it from HERE: http://textbin.com/h4772

CODE #2 (Invert Colors):

grab the code HERE: http://textbin.com/204t7

CODE #3:

Too long for description! Find it here: http://textbin.com/8o580



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