How Close Are We to Farming Human Body Parts?

Growing human body parts in labs sounds like a myth, but scientists are making it a reality.

How Close Are We To Photographing a Black Hole? –https://youtu.be/8GDx7uM9Vdw

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Living Cell Circuits Could Regrow Organs and Produce Biofuels
“By installing the organic equivalent of the digital logic gates used in electronics, scientists can code instructions into the cell so that particular inputs result in desired outputs..”

Human-Animal Hybrids Growing for Organ Transplants
“To meet the demand for livers, hearts and other organs, some scientists at research labs are experimenting with growing them inside animals by adding human stem cells to pig and sheep embryo…”

Human organs grown in pigs? Not so fast
“…the concept of de-extinction—bringing extinct animals back to life through genetic engineering—is beginning to move from the realm of science fiction to reality. Now, a new analysis of the economics suggests that our limited conservation funding would be better spent elsewhere..”

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