Holocaust Denial Allegations – Thunderf00t, Bewildered Ape and HannibaltheVictor13

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The original Bewildered Ape video:

The bewildered Ape video where in splices footage of a person talking about one assault with a totally different assault (8:05 in)

Note the discussion in the comments and the fact that BA does mention that Elam is discussing a different assault but quite clearly this was very easy to overlook. I did and so did others – the splicing was very well done.

The Hannibal The Victor response:
……..set to private so i can’t link!!

Finally, the internet is a place where accusations often get made that people are making unjustified diagnoses of people’s conditions. When I refer to Thunderf00t’s philosophical comments sometimes appearing “sociopathological” I am in no way suggesting (even back-handedly) that he is a sociopath but that his comments appear to often not seem to acknowledge the way in which they may be taken or the real hurt they could cause (when it could be avoided and still make the same point).



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