Here’s Why Your Skin Doesn’t Rip Easily

Our skin is capable of some amazing things including being both stretchy and tear resistant. But why doesn’t our skin tear?

How Does Our Skin Turn Sunlight Into Vitamin D? – https://youtu.be/4VlXGA1FnSk
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Skin tough: Why skin is resistant to tearing
“Researchers have recorded the first direct observations of the micro-scale mechanisms behind the ability of skin to resist tearing. The results could be applied to the improvement of artificial skin, or to the development of thin film polymers for flexible electronics.”

On the tear resistance of skin
“Tear resistance is of vital importance in the various functions of skin, especially protection from predatorial attack. Here, we mechanistically quantify the extreme tear resistance of skin and identify the underlying structural features, which lead to its sophisticated failure mechanisms.”

The Therapeutic Experience of Being Suspended by Your Skin
“People have been hanging themselves from hooks for perhaps 5,000 years. The most ancient suspensions likely occurred in India, where suspension was a sort of religious penance. Devotees at the ancient Hindu festival Thaipusam…sometimes suspend themselves as part of a practice called vel kavadi, a rite in which worshippers undergo some form of hardship as an expression of debt bondage to the war god Murugan.”

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Written by: Trace Dominguez



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