Here’s How Much Gas Really Costs (If You Account for Global Warming)

The true cost of fossil fuels is hidden in subsidies, but a new study has estimated just how much they really are. And let’s just say, fossil fuels are expensive.

Which Power Source Is Most Efficient? – https://youtu.be/0c4xk5dB014
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Researchers Have Projected When Green Tech Will Surpass Fossil Fuels
“Electric vehicles could be cost-competitive with internal combustion-powered cars within five years and batteries that store power from solar panels could become commonplace by 2030 if current investments in those technologies continue, British researchers estimate.”

Fossil Fuel Companies Could Lose Over $2 Trillion in Global Shift to Renewables
“If governments make good on the Paris Agreement on climate change and power their economies on clean-burning sources of energy, the fossil fuel industry stands to lose 30 percent of planned investment in oil and gas deposits, according to a new analysis.”

Fossil fuel subsidies are a staggering $5 tn per year
“Fossil fuels are expensive. Much of their costs are hidden, however, as subsidies. If people knew how large their subsidies were, there would be a backlash against them from so-called financial conservatives.”


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