Here’s How Chemicals in Urine Help Porcupines Find a Mate

There are thousands of compounds in urine that can tell us a lot about biology. Porcupines take advantage of the power in pee, and use it as a determining factor for fornication.

The Strange Sexual Journey of the Male Seahorse | http://bit.ly/2EM5kDC

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Animal Sex: How Porcupines Do It
“Porcupines are well known for their pointy quills, which cover their backs, sides and tail to provide a natural protection against predators. But do these quills also make mating difficult for the large rodents? Just how do porcupines do it?”

How Does a Porcupine Have Sex…? Carefully.
“Everyone knows the porcupine joke. But sexual attraction and reproductive behaviors in the animal kingdom are initiated across a wide spectrum. For some humans, it starts with ‘Netflix and chill’. For some animals, it’s penis fencing and urine spraying…”

Porcupine Facts
“The porcupine is a large, round, slow-moving rodent with a spectacular means of defense. It’s muscular body is covered with up to 30,000 long, hollow and pointed quills. The North American porcupine is one of the world’s most recognizable animals because of it’s body full of prickly spines, that are essentially modified hairs.”

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