Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Saturn’s Iconic Rings

Saturn’s rings are iconic and instantly recognizable, but what exactly are they and how did they form first place?

NASA Just Revealed There Could Be Life On Saturn’s Moon, Enceladus – https://youtu.be/YIVh53TBonM

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What Are Saturn’s Rings?
“The rings are mostly ice with a little bit of rock mixed in. Scientists have a better grasp of their dynamics than ever before, thanks to the Cassini spacecraft, which ends its mission on Friday (Sept. 15) with a plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere, after 13 years of orbiting the planet.”

Cassini Prepares to Crash Into Saturn as NASA Reflects on Mission’s Discoveries
“The probe has spent more than a decade observing Saturn, studying storms in its cloud tops, learning about its strange, striped atmosphere, probing its cloaked interior and zipping through its more than 60 moons and a ring system stretching more than eight times the planet’s radius.”

Peculiar Waves in Saturn’s Rings Spotted by NASA’s Cassini Probe
“The rings of Saturn are embedded with billions of water-ice particles ranging in size from grains of sand to monstrous chunks. Saturn’s rings also feature waves that propagate outward in spiral patterns. The new image from Cassini captures an up-close view of a spiral density wave visible in Saturn’s B ring.”

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