Grow Your Own Crystals!

What should you do with the borax you have leftover from making slime? Use it to make crystals!
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Here’s a tutorial for making giant borax crystals. However, DO NOT heat pyrex directly on the stove. I did so with some… unfortunate results that ended with glass and hot borax everywhere: http://www.danslelakehouse.com/2015/01/diy-borax-crystals.html

Here’s some info on gem formation: https://www.gemsociety.org/article/gem-formation/

Cleaning instructions: If you can do the experiment in a cooking pot, you can add additional water and just reheat the borax so that it becomes liquid again. If you use pyrex or something else that can’t be heated on a burner, poor hot water into the container a few times to loosen the mat of crystals that forms, and then dispose of them. You can also reheat

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