Giselle Carino: “Bringing Healthcare to Vulnerable Populations” | Talks at Google

Giselle Carino discussed “Bringing healthcare to vulnerable populations in Latin America and the Caribbean” with Danielle Brown, Google’s VP for Diversity and inclusion, at Google in Mountain View, CA. Giselle is the CEO of International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region (IPPF/WHR).

In Latin America and the Caribbean, where out-of-pocket healthcare costs are among the highest in the world, ensuring that healthcare is a human right and not just a privilege is no easy task. International Planned Parenthood Federation’s Western Hemisphere Region, a network of local healthcare providers like Planned Parenthood Federation of America, draws on decades of experience as a global leader in sexual and reproductive health and rights to meet the unique challenges in the region. Whether it’s using WhatsApp to provide women in rural Brazil with the latest information on Zika, using social media to advocate for the decriminalization of abortion in Chile, or piloting innovative programs aimed at ending domestic violence in Mexico—IPPF/WHR works at the intersection of public health, technology, development, and advocacy.

Join Giselle Carino and Danielle Brown for a discussion on the state of women’s health and rights in the region and how the organization is navigating the region’s rapidly changing political, economic, and environmental landscape.

Moderated by Danielle Brown, Google’s VP for Diversity and Inclusion.



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