Girl prays to CAUSE Japanese earthquake

Is she a Poe (basically a satirical ‘Christian’). I think so, but that the whole point of the Poe, its impossible to tell. If all I had seen of Pat Roberson and Jerry Falwell was their post 9/11 interview (as shown in this video), I would have called them Poes too, and they are some of the most powerful and respected religious figures in the US (well Falwells dead, but you know what I mean).

Normally I don’t post links to smaller channels, but in this case I think folks deserve it to see if you think she’s real or not.


Like I say though. How could you tell that she’s a fake, but Falwell and Roberson were not?

Sure her ‘prayers’ to CAUSE this disaster will have been no more effective at causing it than other Christians prayers for it to be minimized.

But it was religion that allows her to first of all define thousands to tens of thousands of people dying in Japan as a good thing.

But her delusion in many ways is little different than the delusion that prayer will actually achieve something.

Meanwhile Japans been doing something useful with their time, something that will have doubtlessly saved thousands, if not tens of thousands of lives.

Japan is arguably the most technologically capable nation on Earth. The technology they have developed over the past hundred years or so will doubtless have saved thousands, if not tens of thousands of lives.

If you have money, but not the time to work out how to best deploy it, MSF, Doctors without Borders are a fairly reputable lot who will probably make your dollar go a long way in the right direction.



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