Galina Mindlin: “Your Playlist Can Change Your Life” | Talks at Google

Unlock the power of the songs in your pocket…

Maybe you blast the speakers when you need to get pumped up. If that’s all you do, though, you’re not taking full advantage of the way music can help you. Listen to a slower track first and the one-two punch of the playlist can push you even higher. Overflowing with easy-to-use tips like these, Your Playlist Can Change Your Life is the first book to offer scientifically proven methods for using your favorite music to enhance your life. You’ll discover how you can use the tunes you love to: relieve anxiety, increase your alertness, feel happier, organize your brain, sharpen your memory, improve your mood, live creatively, and enhance your ability to fight off stress, insomnia, depression, and even addiction.

GALINA MINDLIN, MD, PHD, is an assistant professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, founder of Brain Music Therapy (BMT) in the United States, and clinical and executive director of the BMT Center, NYC.



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