From An Atheist, A Considered Response to Dennis Prager

Been away from YouTube for about three weeks for a couple of family reasons and also because, if you do this long term, you need to take a break now and again. Now I am sure I have missed several dramas and events……… so if there is anything you think I really need to catch up on or would like me to get up to speed and comment on I’d be interested if you let me know in the comments section. Cheers.

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This is a response to Dennis Prager of the Prager University website and channel and his/their recent video “If There Is No God, Murder Isn’t Wrong”

I realise I am a little late in responding to this compared to most others but, really, this isn’t a race. Prager’s video will remain online and with it the results of the intellectual fuzzy thinking which led to it. I couldn’t not respond to it.



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