FreeThoughtBlogs (un)Civil War Pt2: Trans Women – Are they Women?

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Link to Part 1:
FreeThoughtBlogs Civil War Pt1: The Shitstorm Cometh

The cartoon mentioned at 17:00
from this TERF tumblr:

Captain Andy left some links in the comments to videos that clarify his position on Mancheeze and misandry amongst TERF’s. As things stand, I don’t think I misportrayed our interaction that day but that interaction may give a skewed perspective on Andy’s position. Here is Andy:
“Here is a video in which I call her out on her man-hating, as well as her transphobia, her ableism, her racism etc.
I really have no issue calling people out for man-hating. Here is another video where I did so.
I also agree that the transphobia of TERFs is rooted in hatred of men. I made a video on that subject about a year ago.

Something I omitted to mention in the video (bound to forget something in two 20+min videos was the following:

One specific TERF argument I have observed is that they do not want to allow rapists to enter their “women’s spaces”. I find that interesting for two reasons:
1) It fits in with my hypothesis that, for some TERFS, their trans-rejection is inextricably linked with their revulsion for men.
2) Very rarely does this seem to result in the SJW crowd focussing on what a horribly misandristic remark has just been made (man or ex-man = rapist) but rather how transphobic is the remark to still regard trans women as men (which everyone seems to recognise they mean by “rapists”). I can’t help but feel that ignores the elephant in the room in the most abhorrent way imaginable.



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