FreeOK 2015 – Jason Heap: Restoring Religious Liberty

Jason Heap spoke at the 2015 Oklahoma Freethought Convention on June 20, 2015 in Tulsa Oklahoma.

He was denied a position as the U.S. Navy’s first humanist chaplain, and he his now suing the Pentagon, claiming unconstitutional discrimination and that the denial of chaplains “impairs the religious exercise of Humanists in the Navy.”

With the court proceedings underway, he was limited in his ability to elaborate upon his specific case, but his speech here does address the larger topic of “Restoring Religious Liberty.”

Jason is the Executive Director for the United Coalition of Reason based in Washington, DC. He has an MDiv from Brite Divinity School (Texas Christian University), a master’s in history and religion from the University of Oxford, and post-graduate certification from Sheffield Hallam University.

He taught philosophy, psychology, religious studies, personal/social/health education, and other subjects in the UK’s state-maintained schools and was a headteacher at UK-curriculum “international” schools.

He recently completed a doctor of education in administrator leadership and his dissertation focused on empowering non-Western grassroots schools and teachers.

Heap is a humanist celebrant, a regular contributor to TheHumanist.com, and gives regular volunteer time to chaplaincy work with student organizations at major U.S. and British Universities.



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