Fran Visco & Alana Welm: “Innovation in Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment” | Talks at Google

Breast Cancer is a topic that impacts nearly everyone. Despite medical advances and public perception, breast cancer continues to be a global health crisis.

Fran Visco (President, National Breast Cancer Coalition) and Alana Welm (PhD and Associate Professor, Department of Oncological Sciences, University of Utah Huntsman Cancer Institute) stop by Google to talk about innovation in breast cancer prevention and treatment.

Hear from the top experts in the industry on what is being done, and what it means for you. Armed with the right knowledge and tools, patients and advocates can lead efforts in research, evidence-based health care, and public policy to make a difference. The talk covers ways to change the systems of science and research to make sure this important information is available to everyone, everywhere.

Learn how you can take an active role in ending breast cancer and saving lives.

Introduction by Laura Miller Avril.



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