Feminist Karma DESTROYS SJW Professor!!

Professor Philip Moriarty (as he reminds us constantly) is a professor of physics! He’s also…. and this is the bit thats hard to believe, a hardcore social justice warrior.

Me and the Professor go way back to when he was defending the feminists lynching the Nobel Prize winner Tim Hunt. Turns out it was all based on feminist lies.
In that conversation I tried to get the Professor to understand that men and women are different parts of a sexually dimorphic species. I tried to explain this in simple examples he might be able to grasp, like the fact that no woman has ever run less than 10 seconds in the 100m, and that this was not because women didnt want to run faster, or because theyd been conditioned to run slower than men, but they simply couldnt run that fast.
He would at times simply agree to simple demonstrations that we are a sexually dimorphic species, then ask me what the evidence was for that which he had just accepted.

So some time later he started emailing me for a debate. I told him I was just crazy busy (I was…. 5 international trips in 6 months, as well as producing videos…..thats almost impossibly busy).
Phil just ignored all that and kept writing me jerky emails…. so I did what I would do to anyone who’d been given more than a fair chance, I trolled him. It was remarkably easy to do too!

Indeed, even when I just took pity on him, cos it was clear he wasnt getting it, he still went around calling this ‘a debate’.

Anyways, I let him have his fun, cos at the time, I had bigger fish to fry.

I was however surprised when in the new year I thought Id see what he’d been up too, and found he had deleted everything.

The last video I could find of his, merely days before he deleted his account, in that vid he said his new years resolution was to spend less time online.
There were also rumours abound that his family had been threatened following the Bearing doxxing.

IF true, thats royally jerky. That being said, he may just have been looking for an excuse to get out, and for it to not look bad.

Further, it would be ironic if true, because he was the one who advocated so hard to strip anonymity from others. I wonder how he feels about that now?!

I wont be adding this video to the patreon supported feed, but many thanks to all those who support this channel!



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