Ethics and the Internet – Weinberger, Mossberg and Keen

Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2007/09/27/David_Weinberger_and_Andrew_Keen

Technology writers David Weinberger, Walt Mossberg and Andrew Keen discuss ethics and the internet.


Reflections and Debate with David Weinberger, Andrew Keen and Walter Mossberg.

In this keynote presentation, Dr. David Weinberger offers a profound contribution to understanding the impact of the digital revolution, as well as a probing exploration of how we create meaning in the world.

As author of “Everything is Miscellaneous,” Weinberger shows audiences that we have only begun to understand how the Web is transforming business and the world around it.

In “The Cult of the Amateur,” Keen aims to show how today’s Internet is killing our culture and assaulting our economy. – PICNIC’07

David Weinberger currently writes for weblogs, articles for Wired, Salon, USAToday, Esther Dyson’s Release 1.0, and many more. His book “Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder” was published by Times Books in May 2007. During the 2004 presidential campaign, he was Senior Internet Advisor to the Howard Dean campaign, consulting on Internet policy. In 2004 he was made a Fellow at Harvard’s prestigious Berkman Institute for Internet & Society.

Andrew Keen is a Silicon Valley author, broadcaster and entrepreneur. He is the author of “The Cult of the Amateur: How the Internet is Killing our Culture.” Andrew is a prominent media personality who has appeared on the Colbert Report, McNeil-Lehrer Newsnight show, The Today Show, Fox News, CNN International, NPR’s Weekend Edition, BBC Newsnight and many other television and radio shows in America and overseas.

Walt Mossberg writes two columns, and edits a third, for the Wall Street Journal. He also publishes periodic interviews for the Journal, and occasional blog posts on this site. With Kara Swisher, he co-produces and co-hosts D: All Things Digital, a major high-tech and media conference.



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