Emma Byrne: “Swearing Is Good For You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language” | Talks at Google

Dr. Emma Byrne is a scientist, journalist, and public speaker. When she is not developing intelligent systems, she writes for Forbes, the Financial Times and Global Business Magazine. She also frequently appears on Sky News and the BBC talking about the future of artificial intelligence and robotics.

“Swearing Is Good For You” is Emma’s first book: a spirited and hilarious defense of our most cherished dirty words, backed by historical case studies and cutting-edge research. In this talk, she discusses how chimpanzees create their own curse words, how swearing affects us both physically and emotionally, and how it is more natural and beneficial than we are led to believe. To illustrate research on how bad language can make you more pain resistant, she even conducts a live experiment with an audience member…

Get the book here: https://goo.gl/GLiM3D



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